The Noctam’bulles’s treehouses

Come and enjoy a night in our treehouses sited within a magnificent Eco-domain where nature has been preserved. We are in Normandy, in the heart of the Pays d’Auge, 5 minutes from the sandy beaches of the Côte Fleurie (Calvados).








Dormir dans la cabane Pivert

Woodpecker Treehouse

7/8m, sleeps up
to 6 people, no age limit

price from 150€/night for 2.

Dormir dans la cabane Rossignol

Nightingale Treehouse

10m, for 2,
available all year


Dormir dans la cabane Mésange

Blue-tit Treehouse

17/18m, sleeps up to 4 people,
minimum age 7 years.
From 170€/night for 2 people

Dormir dans la cabane Epervier

Sparrowhawk Treehouse

Between 20 and 25m, for 2 people, minimum age 7 years.

Dormir dans la cabane Grand duc

Eagle-owl treehouse

21m, 2 people,
minimum age 7 years,


Dormir dans la cabane Rouge gorge

Robin redbreast treehouse

7/8m, sleeps up to 5 people, no age limite.
Available all year,
price from 150€/night for 2

The environment

The 68-hectare Eco-domain of Bouquetot is a very « natural » place, where there are about 20 hectares of forest, 5 minutes from Villers sur Mer, 10 minutes from Deauville at 1h40 from Paris. This little green valley, which used to be a typical north Pays d’Auge farm, has sheltered several sustainable development activities for some years (spirulina farm, vermiculture, organic beef, beekeeping…).

Seven buildings have been restored following traditional construction methods of wattle and daub and information boards allow visitors to have a walk while learning about rural life in previous centuries.
You can spot wild animals (ore deer, hares, badgers, foxes and numerous birds) which live in complete freedom.
On the south-facing side of the valley (far from the sound of passing cars) 8 hectares of forest shelter 6 treehouses, built in majestic trees, which allow you to spend one or several dream nights in treehouses at varying heights according to your wishes.

The treehouses

The treehouses are well spaced out from each other so that you are truly peaceful in your corner of the wild!

Access to all the treehouses is secure and no special equipment is necessary. The hiring of a treehouse for one or several nights is on the Bed-and-breakfast principal, which means that bedding is supplied as well as breakfast hung on a rope at the foot of the tree by 9 o’clock in the morning. Plates, glasses, knives and forks etc. in the treehouse enable those who wish to enjoy a picnic meal on the terrace (picnic not supplied). A supply of drinking water is available inside the treehouse and, by mixing it in the basin with the boiling water in the breakfast basket you can have a traditional morning wash (for lettings of 2 nights or more there is an on-site shower available). Each treehouse has a dry toilet inside, with a supply of sawdust. You do not have to empty the toilet when you leave.

Equipment in the treehouse

Mirror, towels, plates, cups, glasses, knives, forks, spoons, solar lamps, candles …

Arrival on site

We normally welcome you between 3pm and 5pm, and after a short briefing (when you order your breakfast), you are free to enjoy the treehouse, take walks around the domain or the beaches and restaurants of the nearby towns (Villers sur Mer, Deauville, Cabourg, Honfleur)

You can stay in the Nightingale, Robin redbreast, Woodpecker treehouses even in winter: they are heated!

Treat yourself to a wonderful night in a treehouse in the trees.

Birthday? Christmas? We can send you a Gift Voucher for as many nights as you wish!

Recommanded by le Petit Futé

Recommandé par le Petit Futé 2016

Our 6 treehouses (3 for 4 people and 3 for 2) are in the woods of the 68 hectare Eco-domain of Bouquetot, once a classic Norman farm, situated at St Pierre Azif near Deauville and Villers sur Mer in Calvados, Normandy, France. Breakfast and bedding is included in the price and hot water for your morning wash in the treehouse if you stay one night (access to the shower if you stay 2 or more nights).

Spending the night in the treetops, a dream come true – you can glimpse the wild animals and birds and enjoy the varied local tourist attractions.  3 of our treehouses are heated with wood-burning stoves and 3 are very high treehouses, at their best during the spring, summer and autumn.

(VAT included, b+b)

Video made in 2011 presenting Les Noctam’bulles, holiday treehouses in Normandy, near Deauville.

Les Noctam’bulles offers you the opportunity to spend one or several nights in a treehouse snuggled among the branches of a grand tree and admire a roe-deer while enjoying your breakfast! Make your dream come true in Calvados, on a quiet ecological site close to the beach. We are 10 minutes from Deauville and Cabourg, come and discover our comfortable treehouses…

A Night in a Treehouse in the trees